I Did Not Know What to Expect - GIRL IN THE GLASS

Girls compete, Women collaborate

One of the most honest and accurate statements I have ever heard in my life.

Lately we’ve been working with a couple of different non-profits that are focused on THE LAAADDDIIIIIIIESSS

One in particular truly surprised me, Girl In the Glass. Most women’s services let you know that they are there to help you, which is amazing, but Girl In the Glass, reminds us that we can help each other. We don’t have to do “it all” alone.

Clear your mind. Think of three women that you’ve witnessed do it all. Three women that you see hustle, struggle, counsel the entire family, stay strong (crying does not make you weak), and manage to make it look almost easy. Most women carry a lot on their shoulders. What goes most unnoticed among women like this is they have no shoulder to cry on. They normally wait until the room/house/closet/bathroom is clear to cry and fall down only to have to clean their faces, put on a smile, and walk back into the battle.

Gentlemen, I know you do a lot, but this one isn’t really about you.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked Tammy Von Nordheim if I could assist with her next Girl In the Glass event and so we made arrangements. Of course, Dream Imagination Studios filmed the event. We arrived, we set up, guests began to take their seats and we commenced the event, but not before a few of us helped ourselves to a glass of wine. Get it? Girl in the Glass…

What did I expect? I didn’t know what to expect. Was I surprised? H3** YES I WAS!! Pardon my outburst. That’s how excited I am about Tammy’s initiative with Girl In the Glass.

2016-08-21 15.25.50.jpg

Tammy kicked things off by explaining what the event was about.


Are you ready? Here we go.


Girl in the Glass is a safe haven, of sorts. It’s where a circle of women are assured that it’s okay to be vulnerable and open up emotionally and mentally and share your professional and personal goals. It’s okay to say, “What about me?” It’s okay to put down the heavy loads and be at ease or even ask for help. In this surrounding, we created a balance of wearing our armor and trusting our surroundings enough to know that we can let down our guards. Let’s be honest, any woman that carries the world has more than one guard up.

Most of us let our vulnerability show so easily. Yes, I said we. A lot of the women’s stories were so similar: they are always taking care of someone else and always forgetting to take care of themselves. Some had struggles with finding a man, some had struggles with feeling worthy of a good man, and some were new to the city and needed a better support system. By the time all was said and done, we had a network of women to lean on emotionally or professionally and in a few cases, both.

The moral of the story: Ladies, when you see women (of any color or creed) be sure to give the “I understand what you’re going through if you need to talk” nod.  You’ll be surprised what a positive effect you can have on her.

Girls compete, Women collaborate

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