Dragon Con 2016

During Labor day weekend the city of Atlanta is usually very active because Dragon con is HAPPENING. People Have traveled from far and wide just to attend these 3 days of Awesomeness. 

The first Dragon Con started in 1987 and it has grown exponentially into what we see today.

During that the time, entering the city is like taking a step into a world where magic is flourishing BEASTS, HUMANS, TROLLS, SUPER HEROS  and all sorts of magical creatures exist in perfect harmony. You get to meet all kinds of people from young kids to senior citizens cos-playing as their favorite character/Super Hero.

There is nothing like being recognized by a fan of your character. They get so excited to take a picture with you. You almost become the character, portraying all of the unique personality traits that made you choose them for the day. See you guys next year!




Dragon con 2015 Recap

This picture was taken last year at my first Dragon Con. I was Luke Cage ( series coming out on Netflix soon) behind me are my wife Kymm as Zatanna. Zakiya as Storm and J-mo as Static Shock

My wife and I thought it would be fun to go check out the festivities in the city. But we simply had no Idea how much fun this was going to be. ;-)


Dragon Con 2016

Dragon Con 2016